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Sell Old Book

Ouslet is pioneering as a book auctioneer in Chicago and helps collectors to collect rare collectibles online. Despite being the oldest selling category at Ouslet's, the Books and Manuscripts Department has emerged as one of our most creative in recent years due to theme sales, brand-new influencer-led marketing initiatives, and our extremely successful move to online book sales. All year long, we also continue to hold customary live auctions in Chicago. Simply submit photos and data using our user-friendly web form to get the maximum value for your historic book collection.

How the online auction works:

In addition to connecting sellers and buyers, our platform oversees the online auction process.

  • On our platform, the seller places the photos of his product along with the minimum base price. He also has the authority to place a reserve price for his product. If he sets a reserve price, then this means that the product will not get auctioned until the bid reaches the reserve price.
  • After setting the price for the product, the buyers submit online bids until the bidding is on. The product is auctioned to the highest bidder.
  • Then the auction ends. The buyer pays for the product via the QR code. For the safety of the buyers, we hold the buyer's money until they confirm receipt of the goods. Then the amount is released to the seller.

If you are worrying and thinking about where to sell old book online, then Ouslet is the perfect choice for you.

Things we Aim to Do

Offering the books, records, and used paper goods that our customers desire to purchase has always been a priority for Ouslet. In an effort to build a website that people would frequent to see what we have for sale, we sell and auction products for incredibly low costs. We want to make our business a destination you will want to visit by offering reasonable prices and regularly adding new things. Additionally, we hope to receive any items you are thinking of selling. Ouslet buys with caution, but we offer excellent prices for the items we can get our hands on, and we are always open to looking at any books, records, or used paper goods you might have for sale.

Pricing for Us

Offering books and recordings at competitive prices based on the current market is one of our main priorities. Every day, we incorporate fresh deliveries of high-quality stock. These tactics help us move our inventory rapidly and provide our consumers with fresh surprises each time they come in. When high-caliber books are made available, the owners and staff constantly incorporate newcomers. It's worthwhile to keep coming back frequently to see what's available because of the affordable prices and the constantly shifting selection.

The search for and acquisition of books that our customers are looking for has always been a priority at Ouslet. We provide a range of out-of-print and rare books in addition to a standard supply of well-known authors and books. The enormous collection includes literary first editions, antiquarian books, beautiful bindings, and other one-of-a-kind objects.