For Sellers

Why Sell At The Ouslet Auction?

  • You get the maximum for your stuff
  • No hidden fees
  • You can sell directly or at auction
  • $0 fees for depositing 30 pieces of items per month
  • $0 commission before selling your goods
  • $0 fees for the payment gateway
  • You can place your items on the auction for up to 30 days
  • You have can set a minimum sale price (reserve price) in the auction (no risk)
  • If the goods are returned for no reason, the postage will be paid by the buyer
  • Free rotating presentation of your story

How To Sell

1. Fill out the registration and submit. After receiving email, confirm registration.

2. At the bottom ("seller login") of the platform, log in to your dashboard.

3. Browse the dashboard and fill out your profile.

4. Place your goods on your auction easily and quickly. In the "add product" section, insert a product.

Explanation Of The Process

Product name: Should be concise and apt (brand, product name, label - example: Armani T-shirt unique piece)

Category: Put your product in the correct category. This will make it easier for buyers to find their way around when looking for a specific product.

Product description: Describe the product. The description will affect whether the product will be of interest. If the goods have a defect, notify to avoid possible misunderstanding and poor feedback. Add a story to the product at the end of the description. Note: The story is not obligatory but will help you in your marketing strategy.

Some fields in the form is not mandatory and it only depends on you whether you decide to fill it out.

Posting type: Here you decide whether you want to sell your product directly for a fixed price, or in an auction for the highest bid.

Shipping cost: The amount of shipping needs to be set so that it corresponds to the size and weight of the shipment. An effective marketing tool is free shipping - 0. The price of postage is automatically added at the checkout to the price of the product.

Total price:

A) For non-auction "only for sale" embedded products, this is the fixed price you ask for for the product.

B) For auctioned products "for auction", this is your the minimum required price. This price is in the auction process moving up.

This means that your product may be auctioned for several times of the price that you set as the initial amount.

Reserved price: If your product is unique, rare or very valuable, we recommend setting a "reserved price". This means that if the bids do not reach your reserved price, your product will not be available. The product can be obtained only after reaching a level reserved price.

Taxes: For each product, taxes are added to the total in the amount of 10.25% of the final price of the goods. Taxes are added at the checkout.

Photos: Add photos to each product (possibility to add free to 5 photos to each product).. Images are one of the most important parts of your listing because they allow potential buyers to view the exact status of an item and help them decide whether to make an offer or buy it.

If the image is to be used as an example only (i.e. "Stock Photo"), this must be explicitly and clearly stated at the top of the description.

Fees and Commission:

Registration and insertion 30 pieces of product each month is free.

If you want to sell unlimited amount of items, with the addition of an unlimited number of photos, there is a monthly fee of $10.00.

A fee of $ 2.00 is charged for each product sold for less than $ 20.

If the product sells for more than $ 20.00, the commission is 10% of the selling price of the product.