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Reincarnation - Echoes of the Journey of the Soul

A Quick Note on Reincarnation

Any student of life with a keen eye on all that is happening around will without a doubt attest to the fact that principles of reincarnation are all around us. Examples of these include cycles of nature, night and day, the movement of the sun and the moon, and the solar system. The life cycle of plants also demonstrates the truth behind reincarnation beliefs.

Reincarnation is also referred to as rebirth of energy or life. The belief in reincarnation is intuitive to everyone, cutting across the various religions, subcultures, and belief systems. In other words, it is safe to point out that reincarnation is the essence of life.

A classic example alluding to the truth behind reincarnation is what most people in the modern times describe as reliving an event that appears to have happened before, in exact same spot, with exact circumstances.

Origin of Reincarnation Concept

The term reincarnation dates to thousands of years ago, with early mystery books evidencing the belief among Indians, Celtics, Asians, and Greeks. The modern society also has a strong believe on the ideologies of reincarnation. About 51 percent of the global population believes in afterlife and about 7 percent believe in reincarnation. This cuts across the various cultures and subcultures.

Reincarnation takes many names including transmigration and metempsychosis. The concept of reincarnation is rooted on the belief that most of us have lived so many lives before and we can sometimes remember vividly some events that appear to recur.

Signs you Might have Reincarnated

Some of us if not all of us might have reincarnated once or more times. Some signs that imply you might have lived another life before including the following:

• A strong feeling you are a stranger here-a strong feeling one does not belong on earth and a strong yearning for another place. Such persons can experience unexplained exhaustion and wariness of living on earth.

• Fears or phobias that cannot be explained experiences from past events relived leave behind residues. Reincarnation ideology state an individual will experience past traumas during their own lifetime, with unexplained phobias and fears emerging.

• Unexplained memories-out-of-place memories that are fantasies, misunderstandings, or inability to remember, in most cases are connections to past lives.

• Recurring dreams-dreams that recur often mean past experiences reflecting one’s lifetime. A person may experience certain events, meet some people, or even visit a place, so many times in their dream.

• Precognition/ability to obtain information about future events-individuals with this ability has a high probability of having experienced another life before. This ability is portrayed through visions, feelings, dreams, or physical sensations.

• Feeling older than your age-the reincarnation ideology suggest those that feel older than what their present age portrays; have reincarnated a number of times. Contrarily, child-like, or primitive behaviors indicate those that have reincarnated few times. Most people keep this feeling as a secret.

What various Cultures say about Reincarnation?

The main mystery community that has a strong believe in reincarnation include Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah Judaism, and Sikhism. This group belongs to the group regarded as a second school of thought after Christianity. They believe when a person dies, the soul will later come back in the form of some other body. This means the soul will not come back to the same species. The form in which one reincarnates will be determined by their earthly deeds.

As for the first school of thought, the primary belief is that one will either go to heaven or hell when they die. Either of these destinations is granted based on how what the deceased did while alive. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam subscribe to this school of thought.


• Hindu-death is not end of the human soul. The same soul will come back to life in some other form depending on the deeds of the deceased. Bad souls will be reborn as animals with limited freedom and lack of intellect. Souls with good intentions and actions will lead to salvation and oneness with deity or God.

• Jainism-soul also called jiva is immortal and will go through millions of cycles of life and death. According to Jainism, death or life is simply the consequences of the actions of a soul. After several cycles souls are liberated and they become siddhas meaning souls that no longer reincarnate.

• Buddhism-life is the result of life lived previously. They believe any follower that does not follow and live as per the Buddhist teachings will reemerge as an animal in afterlife.


Reincarnation is a mysterious topic with many interesting stories. It has elicited some serious debate and reincarnation accessories and antiques are even available for those fascinated by this concept. One of the best ways of enjoying the journey of life is through sharing your reincarnation experiences with others instead of keeping it as a secret.

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