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Holotropic Breathing – An Alternative Trip

When it comes to exploring new modes of being in life, part of the thrill is the sheer novelty of it. It’s why intelligent people in certain subcultures tend toward unique novel experiences. On the good side, that keeps the new discoveries coming! On the other hand, folks predisposed to this way of thinking risk finding the “normal world” too boring, constantly escaping to an alternative one through psychedelic drugs.

What if we told you there was a way to escape the “normal world” using only your God-given breath, not drugs? No accessories needed, except oxygen?? Welcome to holotropic breathing baby!!

Disclaimer: Before you rage at someone saying that a breathing exercise can induce an acid trip, know this therapy has been considered an experimental alternative for decades! We’re not saying the first time you try holotropic breathing, you will fly through the clouds and shake hands with God himself. Well, maybe. More likely, you’ll have a rare “transpersonal” experience, where emotions you have buried in your breath give rise in your spirit. For those who subscribe to any spiritual realm or subculture, this practice is for you.

We know it sounds ludicrous at first, so check a few clinical reports here and here to prime you for more info on holotropic breathing!

Who is Holotropic Breathing For?”

If you suffer from bouts of anxiety, depression, or a general sense of directionless-ness in your life, holotropic breathing may have a place in your life. Issues like anxiety are very “human” issues to tackle - so much so science doesn’t really have the best answers yet. So, people turn to spiritual subcultures and alternative medicine. While we certainly recommend other good practices, Holotropic breathing could prove an interesting one to explore further!

The good thing about Holotropic breathing is if your heart-healthy, it is completely virtually risk-free. Clinical trials of over 500 patients doing holotropic breathing found no adverse effects. Like we said, no accessories needed!

What Does it Do?

If you saw it from far away, you might think Holotropic breathing looks like some goofball is hyperventilating – seriously. That’s kind of the fascinating part. In the right setting, and the right mindset this repetitive breathing creates a rare atmosphere where you essentially transcend yourself, uncovering and releasing pent-up energy and emotions. It is argued that physiologically, we can accumulate these nasty feelings in our bodies, and it shows in our posture, how we walk, how we talk, and how we interact with others. Holotropic breathing is a unique exercise intended to loosen up that tension, allowing the body to jump-start the healing process.

Conclusion: Holotropic Breathwork is Going Mainstream

Wrapping up, holotropic breathing really is one of those unique, rare practices that comes at no cost and requires no ingesting of foreign substances. That really sets it apart as far as a unique practice that provides a “touch of the transcendent” to the practitioner. That’s probably why little subcultures and communities have popped up around it as a transcendent breathing practice!

Alternative medicine practitioners and spiritualist subcultures will probably dominate the discussion around breathwork, but holotropic breathing is considered more mainstream because it lacks any risky drug use. If you consider yourself having a certain “vibe,” and you like activities like yoga and meditation, definitely read this article here – it’s wild how much you can chance with just your breath. Cheers mates!

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