About Us

About Us

We are an independent private company that offers space for free expression and support for art, collecting and one of a kind fashion. By connecting members of the community, we create an inspiring environment to support avant-garde creation and collectible interest. We connect artists, collectors, fashion enthusiasts. The company's headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois.

The company manages an online auction platform and several sales websites where people and businesses buy and sell varied products around the world.

We're excited to announce our member cooperation/affiliate program! We're always on the lookout for like-minded individuals and businesses who share our passion for topics from the field of subcultures, art, one of a kind fashion and collecting.. Our program offers the opportunity to exchange links and guest posts, allowing us to support each other's growth and success. If you're interested in joining our community and collaborating with us, please reach out and let's get started!

About Ouslet Auction

The platform is designed for collectors, art lovers, fashion enthusiasts, rarity hunters, second hand buyers, good willers and "thrift store" gleaners. Those who want to expand collections or get something interesting, rare and unusual-Antique items or objects based on art and uniqueness. The platform is designed to meet the maximum safety criteria for buyers and sellers. Our "Guaranteed Ouslet Protection" secures that seller gets paid only after buyer's delivery confirmation. Buyers can pay via their mobile phone and don't have to enter any personal data or credit card numbers. You get what you ordered or your money back. No hidden fees, $0 payment gateway fees.

For the seller, we have prepared innovative listing presentation and also an exclusive free rotating exhibition of the story on the main page of the platform. To help auctioneers better understand how it works, Ouslet created a cornerstone content that explains everything people would need to know about the avant-garde auction so they can enhance their chances of sale and share their story at the same time.